Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) Software

  • Analyzes large amounts of data from multiple sensors simultaneously
  • Identifies known and unknown faults immediately
  • Works in any environment including high volume production settings

EECOMOBILITY has developed the next generation of fault detection, diagnosis and prognosis software technology that will address the future needs of motor prognostics, by evolving today’s solutions from fault diagnosis to self-learning proactive fault prediction and prognosis. 

The EECOMOBILITY FDD software enables detection and diagnosis of fault conditions through information content extraction from multiple sensors.  It caters to the handling and rapid management of large volumes of high frequency data in production and durability systems.  The software is platform based with stand-alone apps or integrated into customers solutions and is cloud and hardware agnostic.

Whether the data is noise and vibration, current and voltage, flow and pressure, speed and torque, EECOMOBILITY’s artificial intelligence classifies and diagnoses the fault conditions at their inception and simultaneously predicts their progression into failure modes.

Results of 100% detection and 97% fault diagnoses are providing exceptional solutions for clients.  Software can be imbedded inside customers software for seamless integration, identifying previously undetectable faults with ease.  Currently installed in D&V Electronics’ unique SVPRO Sound & Vibration software.