EECOMOBILITY is pleased to be a part of two NGEN projects with Electrovaya!

EECOMOBILITY has developed a rapid battery cell testing and characterization system, EECOpower. 

Designed for use in the production of lithium-ion battery cells and packs, ECCOMOBILITY’s system uses advanced characterization techniques combined with a self-learning AI technology that is designed to detect and categorize/diagnose fault conditions and anomalies.  The system can be applied to battery cells and by extension to battery modules and packs.

The first project involves the tailoring and integration of EECOMOBILITY’s Rapid Battery Cell Testing system (EECOPower) in the production line of Electrovaya’s new solid-state lithium-ion batteries.

The second project involves the use of the EECOPower system in a new module production line planned by Electrovaya. In this production line, the cells will be individually tested as they enter the production line for defect detection and again tested after they are integrated within a module to enable detection defects associated with the assembly process such as welding quality.