EECOMOBILITY is a Canadian start up out of McMaster University, specializing in AI software and has developed unique prognostic products for Industry and automotive.

EECOMOBILITY specializes in Artificial Intelligence Software and has developed exceptional products especially designed for industry whether it be the electric, fleet, off-highway, industrial or manufacturing markets. 

EECOMOBILITY’s software is platform based with stand-alone apps or integrated into customers solutions and is cloud and hardware agnostic.  The software features a self-learning technology that has been proven and tested in production, endurance and performance testing environments, providing high-speed accurate answers, with easy customization and rapid implementation.

EECOMOBILITY is the commercialization arm of McMaster’s Centre for Mechatronics and Hybrid Technology (CMHT).  We have unique access to CMHT’s state-of-the-art facilities that include a Chassis dynamometer, an engine dynamometer, a high speed-high torque electric motor dynamometer, a powertrain dynamometer, a complete battery cell and pack testing lab, ADAS instrumentation, and test vehicles. 

EECOMOBILITY has developed AI engineering software products:

EECOMONITOR – Automotive Monitoring Software

EECOPOWER – Rapid Battery Cell Testing Software