EECOMOBILITY specializes in AI and has developed exceptional fault detection, diagnosis and prognostic software.  The unique software is designed for automotive, fleet and off-highway markets.  EECOMOBILITY’s software is a self-learning technology that has been proven and tested in production, endurance and performance testing in real market conditions, providing high-speed analysis, with easy customization and rapid implementation.

EECOMOBILITY’s software is being utilized in the new automotive markets of (ACES) autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicles.  Implementation is being conducted in heavy duty autonomous vehicles, electric vehicle battery development, electric motor and inverter development and testing.

EECOMOBILITY is the commercialization arm of McMaster’s Centre for Mechatronics and Hybrid Technology (CMHT).  It has access to CMHT’s state-of-the-art facilities that include a Chassis dynamometer, an engine dynamometer, a high speed-high torque electric motor dynamometer, a powertrain dynamometer, battery testing lab, ADAS instrumentation, and test vehicles.  CMHT is a center of excellence in AI, sensor fusion, fault detection, diagnosis and prognosis and their applications to manufacturing, automotive and green energy sectors.